Taste the West Coast with PYRO MIDS’ New “When I Left The Station” Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Nov 16, 2018 at 03:00PM
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Dreamy indie rockers Pyro Mids have revealed their latest music video for “When I Left The Station”, a single taken from their 2018 release, I Can Hear Your Voice. The album, which dropped this past March (buy a copy here), is a twelve-track, fun-filled record, full of spirited indie rock tunes. Similarly, the new video really brings the spirit of the band alive, as we get to see instances of them just living and enjoying the West Coast lifestyle.

Commenting on the video, the group’s Joseph Perrin commented, “This is the new video for our single ‘When I Left The Station.’ This track details one’s journey through dark times, and subsequent climb back into the light. It honors those that stand by us through thick and thin and is a testament to the gratitude and love that we all know we can shine upon those that have helped us become the people we are today. Tell someone you love and miss that you love and miss them, and tell them today.”

Not to worry, the article has ended but PYRO MIDS are “Never Gone”.

Pyro Mids is based in Santa Cruz, California now but the roots of the band actually lay in Perrin’s childhood, growing up in the Tampa, Florida region. With dense highways and strips malls that come by the dozens, Perrin became interested in skateboarding, music and filmmaking, all used as a form of escapism. This led to Perrin becoming a respected indie filmmaker within the skateboarding indie video scene and since the films required music, Perrin had to come up with a way to get this task completed.

So, he began messing around with friends which led to a more serious interest in music once he moved to Santa Cruz, California and got more involved in the skateboarding industry. Perrin’s roommate Devin Eiring soon got involved since he knew how to play guitar and from there, the band, or duo, got started.

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