THE BODY POLITIC Know Pain with Their New "Parasoul" Music Video

- Jul 12, 2018 at 04:15PM
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Canadian progressive metal outfit The Body Politic have premiered their latest video for "Parasoul" from their contr:addiction album released last year. The album broke the mould of your typical progressive heavy metal with the most sophistocated songwriting from the band yet.

"Parasoul' is a song about pain. Our director Mike perfectly captured the bitterness, sadness, and anger in the song with his treatment of the video. Our latest album explores the world of addiction, and how substance abuse only temporarily masks pain," commented drummer, Spencer Bowman. "A parallel can be drawn to the video for 'Parasoul' as it illustrates how vengeance is unsatisfying, and only masks the damage that motivates it. If revenge is used as the antidote, the pain remains."

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