The Contortionist - "Primordial Sound" [Music Video]

- Dec 04, 2014 at 09:34AM
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The Skinny: The Contortionist have debuted a brand new music video for their widely popular single "Primordial Sound." The video for "Primordial Sound" is Corey Norman's second directorial effort for the band and depicts the band in an ultra minimalist, stripped down state. "'Primordial' sound is one song that I am very proud of," says guitarist Robby Baca. "I had so much fun writing that song! I can't wait to share this video with everyone. The director did a fantastic job for us. The visual elements are extremely important to us and this is a video that we feel exemplifies the overall vibe that we are going for." Norman also directed "Language I: Intuition" released earlier this year. The Contortionist released Language in September to some high critical acclaims.

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