THE DEAD DAISIES "Rise Up" in New Music Video Visualizer

- Mar 13, 2018 at 04:26PM
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"Rise Up" is the first single off rock n' roll band The Dead Daisies' latest album Burn It Down and it now also has a music video. The experienced lineup of band members, lead by David Lowry, play a brand of hard rock meant to honour the classics. The song, video and new record set the scene for a huge year for The Dead Daisies and their notorious brand of blistering old school rock with angry lyrics, thundering vocals and trailblazing beat.

Commented singer John Corabi, "Rise Up' is a blistering old school Sabbath riff with angry lyrics about the state of the world!!! It‘s about the people in power that say they have our best interests at heart but don't!!!! We need to "Rise Up" and let our voices be heard and tell them we want CHANGE and deserve BETTER!!!!!

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