THE DEAD XIII See Past the "Dark Days" with New Music Video

- Mar 12, 2018 at 06:00PM
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Having recently released their second album Dark Days, Manchester's The Dead XIII have released the video for the title track to the album. The video is haunting, speaking of the struggles we can all confront, while trying to find our own way through life.

The Dead XIII commented on the song and video, stating, "Dark Days' is the title track from our new album. The song is about fighting through the darkness within to reach the light. Choosing the path you want to lead and living the life you want to live.
The video is about the struggle with the darkness that controls us, manifesting itself in our minds through fear and anger. Making us fight to embrace the darkness to find the light."

Dark Days Track Listing:

01. Bloodlines
02. Dark Days
03. Last Stand
04. Killers
05. The Fallen
06. Vigil
07. Angels
08. Play Hell
09. Insomnia
10. Redemption
11. Curtain Call
12. From Beyond

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