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The Henry Maneuver Reviews Some Goodies from Wendigo Tea Co.

- Jul 24, 2017 at 08:51AM
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I'm Henry Maneuver. Whenever I'm not brewing coffee and writing music, I'm trying to stabilize my over-caffeinated existence with copious amounts of water. When presented with the idea of trying Wendigo Tea, a light bulb turned on - could tea very well be my solution?

Sky White, former keyboard player of Foxy Shazam, created Wendigo Tea for the sole purpose of wanting to drink the best teas in the world and was gracious enough to let me try two of Wendigo's finest - "Bigfoot Black Tea" and "Siren Throat Health Herbal Tea." I've had my share of one night stands with tea in the past, but like all one night stands, they left me void and tainted with tea bags strewn across the room, so as they say, it's time for new beginnings. Leggo!

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