THE ONES YOU FORGOT Are Now "Here Forever" with Their New Music Video

- May 23, 2018 at 12:37PM
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Pop rock band The Ones You Forgot are beginning to make waves and they are excited to release their new video for "Here Forever" off of their sophomore EP Too Afraid To Say. The album was produced and mixed by Rob Freeman (Armor For Sleep, Hit The Lights) at Audio Pilot Studios and tells the story of what we are all afraid of, but lack the ability to tell a loved one, a friend or even yourself. Singer Jenna Bruno ssaid, "We want our listeners to know that feeling scared or vulnerable is okay, and everyone has their own unique way of overcoming it when the time is right."

Regarding "Here Forever," Bruno said, "The song is all about the fear of losing someone forever, and being worried that you didn't have enough time to spend with them. The verses of the song are presented as if the person you are afraid to lose is sick or suffering in some way. I wrote this part hypothetically, because I was not going through it myself at that time. However, not long after this song was recorded, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was like the song came to life, and it took on a whole new meaning to me. Fortunately, my mom is doing amazing and is almost finished with her treatment. Either way, though everyone handles these types of situations differently, I know this song represents something that everyone may face at some point in life."

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