Toronto's Exciting Young Band CASPER SKULLS Release "Lingua Franca" Music Video

- Nov 06, 2017 at 10:41AM
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Casper Skulls' Mercy Works album is now out and to mark the release, the band has dropped a video for the single "Lingua Franca." The song traces the breakdown in communication common to relationships with a subtle sense of grandeur, aided by a string quartet. The song also features co-lead vocalist Melanie St. Pierre, who had this to say about the song and the video:

"Lingua Franca' by definition is a common language spoken between two people whose native languages are different. Communication is the cause of a lot of friction in relationships and often once the communication is lost so is the bond between people. I think when we were working on the song we wanted it to sound different depending on the listener. I think it can be heard as both a breakup song or a song about the grey areas in a relationship."

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