TROVE Release a "Massive" New Music Video

- Feb 21, 2018 at 10:21AM
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Trove is a grunge type rock project formed by former Vanna frontman, Davey Muise. The band just released a new music video for "Massive" from a four track EP called Hark that's out now. "Massive" is about non-traditional love, that certain type that a lot of people experience.

Commented Muise, "Visuals have always played a role in music for me. If the first time I'm hearing a song is while seeing the music video, or watching it performed live, that image is forever framing that sound. If I'm experiencing visuals after hearing, It's aways interesting to see the artists vision of what that song means or inspires in them. I play a little game to see if my head came up with the same vibes theres did. So this is the visual in my head for it, that the director made come to life."
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