UK Pop Punks BREAK FATE Induce a “Blackout” You Want to Remember [Exclusive Premiere]

- Sep 07, 2018 at 09:00AM
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London, UK-based Break Fate are dropping their new single and video this Friday, September 7th and we are thrilled to be premiering their newest work. “Blackout” is a slow-building, brooding track that opens up at the three minute mark and never looks back, while the video features two thirds of the group tracking down their kidnapped bandmate in order to reunite and defeat a mysterious evil. Relying on familiar alternative/pop punk tendencies, Break Fate infuse their fairly straightforward musicality with emotionally powerful vocals to take their sound into more dynamic and interesting realms.

On the track, lead guitarist Ricky Thompson had this to say: “I wrote the song when I was reflecting on my past and the negative mindset I was locked in at the time. I wanted a new beginning and I wanted to forget the negativity in my life and start afresh. Hence the title ‘Blackout’. The line ‘break the system’ can be anything the listener wants to break free from, like your current job, your daily routine etc.”

Before you head off, check out the previous track “Miraculous” here.

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