Unleash Your Inner “Lioness” by Viewing ACE OF WANDS’ New Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 18, 2019 at 11:00AM
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Still looking for the right time to unleash your inner “Lioness¨? Well, most would argue there’s no time like the present, so, with the premiere of the latest music video from Toronto, Canada-based rock trio, Ace of Wands, it’s time for you to ROAR! The little three-piece packs a serious punch with their sound which, as they put it, includes “reverb-drenched violins and fuzzed out guitars.” Upon hitting play on this video, you’ll be greeted by a wonderful mix of sounds and vibes, exactly what you can expect from this budding band’s other tunes.

Consisting of songwriter Lee Rose, Anna Mernieks (Beams) and Jody Brumell (SHANKS), the group’s moniker is taken from the tarot card called the “Ace of Wands” and produces music “about will and determination; to create and destroy, and to bring about physical, mental and spiritual transformation.”

Speaking of the new single, front woman Lee Rose noted: “The song ‘Lioness’ was written at a time of transformation in my (Lee’s) life. The song was written from a place of self-destruction, while at the same time searching for strength and the ability to persevere. The Lioness - a powerful, fierce, nurturing and self-reliant creature - embodied all of the qualities I was searching for in myself at the time. The video for ‘Lioness’ was inspired by a love of horror movies and suspense. The video depicts the lure of self-destruction followed by an acceptance of the darkness within. The video shows each band member to be at a different stage of this transformation, ending in a unification of the three musicians as one unit.”

And, for another look at the band, here’s the view from “10,000 Feet”.

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