UNLOCKING THE TRUTH Break Out of "My Chains" in Latest Music Video

- Dec 02, 2017 at 09:40PM
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Teenage metal trio Unlocking The Truth are back! They have a new music video for you, titled "My Chains," a song that cuts through all this hype that has been concocted around the band. "We wanted the video to show that Unlocking The Truth has more to offer than just a good song," commented guitarist/vocalist Malcolm Brickhouse. "The video and song both push the 'the norm' in metal music. It's fresh. It's new. It's MY CHAINS!"

The song is a soulful metal hybrid, co-produced by Brickhouse (and Kenta Yonesaka, Germano Studio NY). Brickhouse further commented, "The meaning of 'My Chains' will be different for everyone, but there's a line in the song for everyone. Think about it. We all have chains in life. It could be somebody or something we use as a crutch to help us get through life and loosen those chains."
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