VICIOUS. Have "No Forgiveness" for You in New Lyric Video

- Dec 15, 2017 at 04:00PM
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Alternative rock band Vicious. have released a slew of singles over the last few months, with the latest being the power anthem "No Forgiveness." This is every fan's personal F U song to anyone in life who tries to knock them down.

Commenting on the song, singer Sam Sky said, "Although 'No Forgiveness' is the last song to be released out of our current singles, it was the first recorded. The song was written in dedication to everyone that wished ill of me when I left I Am King. Dedicated to the people who root for us to fail, but are fake f*cks to our faces about it. I actually wrote the song while I was in Nine Shrines, but liked it so much that we decided to play it as Vicious."

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