VODNIK Introduce You to "Our Dread, Our Joy" with New Music Video

- Jun 07, 2018 at 03:17PM
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If you're looking for a versatile band with a style that ranges from technical metal riffs, to spooky mellow passages, to hardcore breakdowns then Toronto's Vodnik is for you. The band just release a new video for "Our Dread, Our Joy." The group draws its name and lyrical themes a the mythological Czech creature. Guitarist Jeremy Jackson commented, "In Czech, Vodnik roughly translates to ‘of water.' I adopted the name for us because it is a widely celebrated mythological creature from my Czech heritage. Vodnik is gruesome, perfect for metal and what we want to do with it."

Vocalist Reinier Vandenbosch added, "Lakes and rivers are its territory where it awaits to trap the souls of drowning victims. He is similar to the boogieman of the English-speaking world that also scares children. I try to write the lyrics largely from the perspective of the Vodnik creature."

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