Whores. Interview on the Laziest Band Member, Railroad Spikes and Vinyl - MOST EXTREME #55

- Feb 14, 2017 at 10:57AM
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While at a tour stop in Northern California, we were able to score some interview time with singer/guitarist Christian Lembach and drummer Donnie Adkinson of the Noise rock trio, Whores.. We asked them about some of their Most Extreme moments as a band and got some great responses. Which member has a crazy collection of railroad ties from around the country?

Gold. Track Listing:

01. Playing Poor
02. Baby Teeth
03. Participation Trophy
04. Mental Illness as Mating Ritual
05. Ghost Trash
06. Charlie Chaplin Routine
07. Of Course You Do
08. I See You Are Also Wearing a Black Tee Shirt
09. Bloody Like The Day You Were Born
10. I Have a Prepared Statement

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