XENOSIS Introduce You to the "Night Hag" with New Music Video

- Feb 22, 2018 at 08:36AM
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New Haven, Connecticut progressive death metal legion Xenosis recently released their third full-length record Devour and Birth and from it comes a video for "Night Hag." If you're a fan of Death, Contrarian, Black Crown Initiate, The Black Dahlia Murder, Wretched, and The Faceless then you'll probably be a fan of Xenosis. They create a blend of technical and progressive death metal that in a way brings the past and present together into one sound.

Devour and Birth Track Listing:

01. Night Hag
02. Army of Darkness
03. Delirium (Death of a God)
04. Concave
05. Oxidation
06. Ominous Opus
07. Devour and Birth
08. The Projector

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