You Are "Under No Illusion" as You Witness MASSIVE WAGON's New Music Video

- Jun 30, 2018 at 03:09PM
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Britain's Massive Wagons have another new video for "Under No Illusion," from their new record Full Nelson. The video was shot in and around the band's spiritual home of Lancaster.

"Under No Illusion' is a song which as soon as we'd jammed it together, we kind of knew this was gonna be a single," commented frontman Baz Mills. "It had that immediate feel. Some songs take the recording process before they are considered for a single release, but Illusion was instant. It's a song which I suppose from a personal point of view is letting other bands know - bands on the rise - to watch out for the clowns in the industry; selfish people out purely for their own gain. Nothing wrong with furthering yourself at all, just not at the expense of others. We've met loads of 'em, dealt with a few; so hard to spot often till it's too late. A band absolutely needs a trustworthy team around it."

"The song also just says don't be scared to make decisions for the good of yourself and the band. Do your thing. I think when a band are doing what they feel best at - writing songs and performing without being contrived or staged, and just being themselves - it is a much more enjoyable process and it comes across in a much better way. Sometimes easier said than done, I know. There is a message in the song explaining exactly what I think of people praying on bands. I always loved the idea of stuff in song lyrics that is hidden or cryptic - gives it a new angle. I really enjoyed writing this one; thanks everyone for listening to it."

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