You’ll Go “Crazy” for ALEXA MELO’s Cover of GNARLS BARKLEY [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jun 08, 2018 at 11:00AM
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Alexa Melo is an extremely talented, Bay Area songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose YouTube Channel has some 30k+ followers, not to mention the nearly 2 million video views. The young musician’s age (she’s only 23) belies her level of maturity and life/industry experience and, while we could elaborate for hundreds of words, it’s best if you just check out her music and/or read up on her at

With the above-mentioned YouTube cover song series, Melo pushed herself to slowly tweak and perfect both her work and vocal delivery, all leading to a new sound as will be found on the upcoming MUTE EP. Due out this fall, the four-track album will not only highlight Melo’s new direction, but is now proceeded by the single “Crazy”, a cover of the massive Gnarls Barkley hit. While Alexa’s version is slower and darker, it does the original justice while still having a life of its own. A welcome return from an artist still recovering fro emergency vocal chords surgery.

Commenting on the song and video, a mellow Melo noted: “‘Crazy’ has always been one of my all time favorite pop songs and I really wanted to explore the juxtaposition of taking a fun, disco pop song that everyone knows and perform it as a dark, sultry trip hop inspired track. It was such a fun and easy collaboration with the co producer and director, Daniel Garcia. One of the most spontaneous projects I’ve done yet.”

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